Communication Skills:
How to express yourself effectively and convincingly

Security is no longer in the job, company, or industry. The only transferable skill is your ability to express yourself effectively and convincingly. Learn from these articles about communication skills.

Effective communication in business
We all have a communication habit that works against us in some small way. But the challenge we face is that, left unattended, they start adding up. The more you have, the more unprofessional you look. Here's eight interpersonal communication blunders that can wreck your career over time. Read more

Bite Your Tongue! 10 Ways to Be an Effective Listener
Listening is the most important, yet often most neglected, communication skill. In fact, the ability to listen is often rated one of the top five abilities employers seek in their staff. It’s also certainly highly sought after in the people nearest and dearest to our hearts. Here are 10 ways to be an effective listener. Read more...

Survival skills for a changing environment - Creative ways to differentiate yourself in the workplace
In order to survive in today's world both as organizations and as individuals, I believe we must begin to think of creative ways we can differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. How can we capture people's attention, ensure their remembrance of us, enhance relationships, and bring "value-added" to our individual jobs? Read more...

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