How to find your dream job

We are all looking for our dream job. Some of us know exactly what kind of career we want, some are still struggling to find out who they are and what they can do. We don’t know which case is yours, but we do know that the following advises will guide you through the process and eventually help you find the right path leading to your dream job.

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Self Assessment The right career will match your qualities, interests, and skills. Do not fall into the trap of applying for the most lucrative jobs only to find out later that you can't stand your job or the people. These self-assessment exercises will help you narrow down your options.

Determing Your Skills Liberal arts majors often have difficulty determining what skills they have and how they will translate to a good job. Don't despair. You did learn something at college.

Finding a Job With persistence and patience, these job search strategies should yield you a job in your desired field.

Determining Fit Do not foolishly accept your first offer. You must do your homework on the industry and the company before you accept a job. By answering the questions in this article, you will can accept or reject your first offer with confidence.

Planning Your Career A successful career is built by setting and seeking short-term and long-term goals. Learn how to plan your rise up the corporate ladder from your first day at the office.

Adjusting to a New Job Be prepared to realize why college is not the "real world."


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