Something nice to remember...

It was a great pleasure knowing all of you and studying together with you - yes, I always learn something from my students. I hope you too think that the time was well spent and that you walked away knowing the subject a little bit more then you first walked into the classroom.

Congratulations for the work well done! Hope to see you soon and feel free to drop me a line if you have anything to share.

Good luck and take care!

- Queenie

July, 2007

Mandy, Suki, Susana, Louis, Levina, Kim

Sammi, Demi, Lucas, Steven, Annabell

Billy, Vicki, Anthea, Apple, Tiffany, Maggie

Susana, Sylvia, Ivy, Amy

Echo, Melody, Lofty, Coco, Ella, Irene

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