Building Your Self Confidence

Self confidence is the most motivational tool. It is also the fact that more often makes the difference between people who are successful and people who are not.

People who have confidence will take their dreams and make them come true because they will take immediate, massive, repeated action and will never quit until they make their dreams come true.

Best of all, your self confidence is yours to use freely. It is owned by you and controlled by you. You are your own master!

Self confidence is built from your recognition that you put your heart, your soul, your brain and your sweat in whatever you do.

Self confidence can be, and often is, stimulated by outsiders, but it comes mostly from inside you, from your knowledge that you committed truthfully to the best of your capacities, with the right work and ambition to succeed, aiming to achieve a certain result that was at your reach.

Dare to be yourself!

Only those that do things can succeed …and fail. Only those that voice out their opinions can be proved right …and wrong.

You are as able as anyone else can be to do mostly anything and certainly better than most for a lot of things, due to your own experiences, hobbies, study, readings and inner characteristics.

Be a positive member in any team, trust yourself, dare to give your relevant opinions and to defend them as long as you believe them right.

Speak out! Let the others know you!

Everybody’s brain is capable of processing information, relate it with the issues and came out with possible outcomes to address them.

However, only a few dare to express their thoughts and overcome the fear of being wrong and feeling stupid. Stupid is to keep quiet when you have a good idea and you let it go unspoken.

Speak out, defend your believes and be ready to accept criticism or different perspectives from others. Be positive, give and receive, teach and learn, respect and be respected. You will always win by feeling much better about yourself.

Trust yourself! Answer yourself! Like yourself!

Everyone has inner doubts about being right or wrong and different ways to deal with them. Some will be aggressive, scaring the others from criticizing their views. Some will be timid, avoiding exposing themselves and anxiously agreeing with the others just to get off the hook. Both are extreme cases of lack of self confidence and negative contributions for the potential outcome.

Being confident is not being arrogant

Being self confident requires overcoming fears and timid behaviors but it is surely far from being arrogant!

Be positive, explain yourself in a clear and simple way, make your point, share your reasons. Don’t try to act smart or show you are a genius and don’t be intimidated by challenging attitudes. Just show yourself with all you have to give.

Learn to respect yourself and to satisfy yourself through your attitude and behavior. Success will reward you frequently and failure will be more bearable by the conviction that you tried the best you could.

Accept openly and without hard feelings when your ideas fall short or when someone comes up with an idea you recognize being better. You will be listened, respected and admired!

Complexity is a sum of simple issues!

You can deal with any situations no matter how complex it appears to be.

When facing very complex situations, break them down in their different components, easier to understand and solve, sorting them by their natural sequence or importance for the result you are aiming.

Then follow a step by step approach to solve them one by one and you will end up with the original complex situation under your control.

Surprisingly, this is valid for all walks of our professional and personal life.

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